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The Devlin crew are currently building two of one of the newest kits in the kits catalog, the Duckling 17. They are both going to be gorgeous boats and equipped with Piantedosi Row Wings, promise to be very fast rowers.


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West Satsop Boatworks, LLC provides kit boats of many Devlin designs as well as their own designs, boats completed to their customer's desired state of completion, from bare hull to finished boat, and CNC services to produce boat kits to other designs.



What happens when you ask a boatbuilder for a bookshelf?

A friend and his wife were looking for a bookshelf, and nothing they found matched their decor or their need for quality construction.

This was designed and built from that feedback. In keeping with our "island" naming convention, it's literary purpose and with a nod to Jeff's family folklore of claiming Robert Louis Stevenson a part of it, we've named it the "Treasure Island".

It is about 7' tall and is made primarily of cedar strip construction. It's really beautiful, and would make an equally awesome stereo cabinet.

Besides, in the case of global sea level rise, one can never be too careful with ones books and stereo gear. Wink

We'll have it on display at the Wooden Boat Show in Port Townsend on September 7th thru 9th. Come check it out. Orders placed at the boat show will be priced at $599. After October 1st, pricing goes up to $700.

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