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Sam Devlin is the 2012 winner of the lifetime achievement in design award by Wooden Boat Magazine. His catalog consists of nearly one hundred designs, with many hundreds of completed examples, in dozens of countries.

Five years!


May marks our fifth anniversary creating kits in partnership between Devlin Designing Boatbuilders and West Satsop Boatworks. In honor of that event, we're lowering prices!
We know that for most people, the past five years have been challenging to keep the budget balanced. So, we’ve sharpened our pencils, stepped back, and reviewed all aspects of the costs to produce a quality kit. We’ve incorporated all the lessons we’ve learned about making boat kits efficiently, measured the savings from new state of the art CNC tooling and can now reduce kit costs significantly.
We are happy to announce that we can now pass those savings on to our customers. We've lowered basic hull kit prices on all the kits in our catalog, from 10% up to 40% off.

Some examples:

Model Old New Discount
Bella 10 $595.00 $499.00 16.13%
Candlefish 13 $2,195.00 $1,799.00 18.04%
Honker  $3,595.00 $2,899.00 19.36%
Duckling 14 $1,195.00 $899.00 14.77%
Dipper 16 $6,695.00 $4,999.00 25.33%
Poliwog $895.00 $599.00 33.07%
Nancy's China $3,695.00 $2,229.00 39.68%

Happy boatbuilding! We're looking forward to serving you for the next five years!

Devlin Kits

Devlin Designing Boat Builders announced at the 2011 Port Townsend Boat show that KITS of our most popular designs are now available, at a small fraction of the cost of a new boat. Click here to read the press release.

In partnership with West Satsop Boatworks, our kits are designed on a computer and cut out using CNC routers for the most accurate and easiest to assemble parts.

The foundation of our approach to kit building is a computer-cut assembly jig, the girder design of which assures that the bulkheads are aligned, level and parallel to within a very tight tolerance. This jig removes much of the guesswork, time and risk from building a boat. The jig can be assembled and the bulkheads aligned in it within a half day.

The long hull panels are assembled by epoxy-gluing together puzzle joints cut in the ends of each 8-foot long piece. Those splices (or scarphs) have passed a variety of engineering and practical tests here at our shop. They are simple, they are strong and they assure good alignment. They work quite well.

Combined with our stitch and glue approach, Devlin kits make boatbuilding accessible to everyone.

Devlin kits are available in a number of designs, see the catalog on the right menu.

The Basic Plywood Kit includes:

  • CNC-cut hull, bulkheads and cabin sides made from BS1088 marine plywood
  • An assembly jig made of construction plywood to assure accurate fit-up
  • Instructions and plans
  • Shipped on a 4x8 pallet via truck
  • Long parts are joined with our engineered puzzle-splices which assure that the panels are strong and properly aligned

All boats are delivered F.O.B. Olympia, WA and shipping is at the purchaser’s cost, but in general, we've found that shipping to the east coast costs about $500 for most boats.

We offer a wide range of options to assist you with your project such as epoxy, dimensional lumber (for parts like sheer clamps and rub rails), cloth and hardware and much more.

The kits are cut to order, so please allow three weeks for production.

If you're interested in a 1/4 scale model of the boat you are considering, we offer those too, the same parts as the big boat, simply scaled down 75%. Contact us for current pricing.


  • Designs

    Our catalog contains hundreds of designs. Below are a collection of designs which serve the needs of kit builders nicely. If there is another design which you'd like to build, give us a call at 360.209.4217 or send us an  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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