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The Devlin crew are currently building two of one of the newest kits in the kits catalog, the Duckling 17. They are both going to be gorgeous boats and equipped with Piantedosi Row Wings, promise to be very fast rowers.


About West Satsop Boatworks

West Satsop Boatworks, LLC provides kit boats of many Devlin designs as well as their own designs, boats completed to their customer's desired state of completion, from bare hull to finished boat, and CNC services to produce boat kits to other designs.


Jeff Meeks is one of the partners in West Satsop boatworks and specializes in northwest recreational working craft.

  • Designs

    Designs from Jeff's drawing board.

    • Drifter

      Innovative thin-water drift boat, engineered for versatility. Great under oars or 2hp outboard.

      Length over all : 16' 3"
      Beam over all : 6' 3"
      Design draft : 4"
      Displacement : 802# (at designed waterline)

    • Harstene

      Under development, the Harstene is a  stable yet efficient 15' 6" fishing boat for lakes or the bay. Designed for a 15 to 20hp motor, it's mission is to get you out on the water, safely and inexpensively.

    • Henry Island Pram

      The Henry Island Pram is a wonderful tender to your small yacht.

       Line drawing of the Henry Island Pram


      - 7' 9' overall length - 7' 0" LWL
      - Very stable and forgiving flat bottom design
      - 250# designed displacement with a maximum capacity of #400
      - longitudinal seat with hidden storage compartment allows comfortable rowing, with passenger or without
      - built in flotation
      - perfect for a small trolling motor
      - Optional bright seating surface of Alder, Curly Maple or Purpleheart.
      - Available as a kit or as a finished boat.

    • Treasure Island Bookshelf

      The treasure Island Bookshelf, albeit not a boat, displays many of the trademark features of the boats of West Satsop Boatworks.

      Almost 7' tall, and made of Red Cedar strip construction with Port Orford accents, it is a wonderful addition to most any decor.

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