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The new West Satsop CNC shop is coming together! With the help of Enterprise for Equity and Grays Harbor PUD we're making building improvements to improve our energy efficiency, and in a 10,000 square foot facility, everything helps. Triple bottom line is a big part of our business mission and these shop improvements help us honor that commitment.

About West Satsop CNC

West Satsop CNC prides itself on uncompromising quality and innovative design. In addition to boat kits shipped all over the world, we make signs, flat-pack furniture and cabinetry.


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Khuong Hoang's Candlefish 16

Khuong did a really nice job on his kit! Congratulations!!

Really nice job. Khuong reports that Nausicaa took about 7 months and 500-600 hours total build time.


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Lee Sandifur's Egret walkthrough

Thanks to Lee Sandifur for giving us a walkthrough of his Devlin Egret at the 2013 Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend! Video after the break.

Read more: Lee Sandifur's Egret walkthrough

New Dipper 19 to Australia!

This stack of plywood doesn't look like much now...

but it will soon be transformed through the alchemy of Stitch and Glue boatbuilding into a terrific new Dipper 19, exploring the great barrier reef in Australia!

The Rowley family's Candlefish 13

From the most recent issue of Small Boats MonthlyLady Louise is a great looking boat! Well done, Scott!


Winter 2016 giveaway!

Now through February 30th we're having our biggest giveaway ever! With the purchase of any Eider, Dipper 17, Dipper 19, Lit'l Coot, Surf Scoter 22, Pelicano or Pelicano 23, We're throwing in either a Lit'l Petrel or Bella 10 kit! 

This is a great way to practice your boatbuilding skills before digging into the big boat project AND to have a useful skiff to get you ashore on your boating adventures.


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