And now for something completely different

Like many guys of a certain age, I have fond memories of my misspent youth, doing my part to keep the local economy thriving by dropping quarters into various arcade machines.

For years I've followed the exploits of DIY'ers and hobbyists making, building and hacking their own arcade machines, with varying degrees of professionalism and skill, and wished that the constituent pieces (joysticks, buttons, controllers, etc) were more affordable, to allow the admittedly frivolous aspiration to pass the scrutiny of the finance minister.

Like a bolt of lightning, the solution presented itself! Various manufacturers now make arcade game systems under a variety of names, (i.e. Pandora's Box), almost all of which have the same size and form factor, so we designed an easy-to-assemble cabinet of very nice looking black melamine, which accepts the arcade box into a standing-height cabinet. A normal 24"-32" diagonal LCD TV with an HDMI input mounts to the back panel with pre-marked VESA standard mounting pattern, ready for your to drill the appropriate holes and install the supplied 4mm screws.

The below cabinet was made for a customer with a 32" TV and a marquee showing his union pride.

 The cabinet is easy to assemble, with all hardware included and all screw locations pre-drilled. It includes all the melamine parts, red rubber molding, all hardware and a clear Lexan marquee for your choice of graphics (not included). It is also designed to allow the installation of 4 1/2" tall wheels to allow easy moving for sweeping, vacuuming or snack retrieval.

We take PayPal. No quarters necessary. The link below is an affiliate link, West Satsop CNC gets a small commission on a sale, but any similar arcade machine with comparable dimensions will work.