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The Devlin crew are currently building two of one of the newest kits in the kits catalog, the Duckling 17. They are both going to be gorgeous boats and equipped with Piantedosi Row Wings, promise to be very fast rowers.


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Pelicano #2 nearing delivery

It's been a busy couple of weeks in the West Satsop Boatworks Shop! Randy and Jeff are nearing delivery of Devlin Pelicano #2, a lobsterboat-styled "Shrimper", made from a West Satsop Boatworks kit.

We are very excited, this is really going to be a strong, beautiful, functional and fast boat for some lucky person.

Pelicano bow photo


Like all variations of the Pelicano, the shrimper is built inverted on a computer-cut plywood construction jig. This strong and rigid boxed-frame jig provides assurance that the bulkheads are parallel, level and axially-aligned. Assembly and leveling of the jig takes about 30 minutes.


The computer-cut bulkheads were then dropped into the appropriate slots of the jig. Bulkheads #2 and #4 have a forward and an aft surface. Be sure to get it right. ;)

Pelicano construction jig 

Here we are gluing the CNC cut sections into long panels.

Panel splicing 

Randy says that's one curvy transom. I have to agree.  It is a really nice shape for the boat. A person could substitute a flat transom, I suppose... but I don't think it'd be the same.

a curvy transom 

Just about ready for delivery to the customer, where their finishing boatbuilders will apply the Devlin touch. 

Nearing delivery

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