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The new West Satsop CNC shop is coming together! With the help of Enterprise for Equity and Grays Harbor PUD we're making building improvements to improve our energy efficiency, and in a 10,000 square foot facility, everything helps. Triple bottom line is a big part of our business mission and these shop improvements help us honor that commitment.

About West Satsop CNC

West Satsop CNC prides itself on uncompromising quality and innovative design. In addition to boat kits shipped all over the world, we make signs, flat-pack furniture and cabinetry.


These CNC-ready designs are a small portion of the large Whisstock catalog.


  • Design 055 - 15' half-deck yawl


    Design 055 is a modern full-bodied design, providing an exceptionally robust, sea-kindly performance. With a modern high-peaked gaff on the main and standing lug on the mizzen, she is a delight to sail.
    When it blows up, drop the mizzen and jib and sail under main and staysail, for a very snug heavy-weather rig – the main also reefs down. Or experiment with mizzen and staysail, or mizzen and jib. And several builders have preferred to have a single roller-furling headsail instead of the cutter-headed rig. The vessel can also be cutter rigged (no mizzen) – this requires the main boom and gaff to be lengthened a little, and the main sheet attachment to be moved aft on the boom..

    Carrying up to six people, she makes a perfect family boat for day-sailing or longer expeditions, perhaps camping or exploring creeks and estuaries. The boat is easily trailed and very quick to launch and set up ready to go.

  • Design 77 - 15' 6" two-berth yawl


    The baby of our pocket cruiser range, Design 077 is a remarkably robust and sea-kindly small cruising sail boat. Shown here with a gaff yawl rig, we have recently added plans for a gunter rig cutter (PDF drawing opens in a new window), which suits her very well.
    FramesShe is very straightforward to build on five laminated ring frames and a laminated backbone. Ring frames take a little longer to produce at the start, but the reward is a much faster and more accurate completion overall. Those shown above (click to enlarge) are from Design 119, but the frames for this design are very similar.

    Whisstock 077Ring frames have a big advantage when it comes to completing the deck and superstructure – often in fact a more difficult task than building the hull – making it a very much simpler job altogether and a great time-saver.

  • Design 74 - 19' two-berth sloop


    Design 074 was originally designed and built essentially as a large, unballasted day boat, with a simple cuddy forward: easy to trail, launch and set up the rig – and great to sail.

  • Design 123, 20' four-berth yawl


    Design 123, at 20' is the largest of our Pocket Cruisers. As with all of these boats, she is a roomy for her size, and is a robust and sea-kindly sail boat, with an excellent cruising accommodation. The boat is built using the most modern of materials – WEST™ system boat-building epoxies.
    As with many of our designs she is built on laminated ring frames (six in this case) and a laminated backbone. I often see comments that laminating is difficult and time consuming but this is not really the case. Laminated ring frames, in particular, offer an elegant, visually attractive and time-saving construction system. When you are building a boat, you have to consider the job as a whole. Just getting the hull built as fast as possible is not really very useful if you make yourself a lot of extra work in the process. Read more …

    The hull skin can be epoxy ply lapstrake as shown here or cold-moulded wood-epoxy. Both skin types give a strong, rigid and relatively lightweight, long-lasting low-maintenance structure.

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