The state of the current economy is impacting almost everyone. At the same time, people are busier than ever before.

If you are considering building a boat, you face a nontrivial investment of time and money. A West Satsop CNC kit can help you conserve both. 

Time. To do justice to a well-designed boat such as the Pelicano, plan to invest 400 hours if you are building it from scratch. True, it's a labor of love, and many builders don't really count the time, but we think it's important to go into the process with eyes open. Realistically, a kit can save the independent boatbuilder about 100 hours of lofting, cutting, headscratching, fixture building, and "oops" recovery.

Money. West Satsop CNC has relationships with big lumber and epoxy suppliers and we pass that savings on to our customers. Also, we own tooling that enables us to do tasks that most builders must outsource. Our CNC machine enables us to utilize a very large proportion of our materials - there's very little waste... just enough to keep our shop cozy and warm. 

Also, we live in timber country. Our massive rainfall has one great side-benefit; lumber.

We recently obtained a load of Port Orford Cedar obtained from a nearby homeowners yard. We actually rescued it from being cut into firewood. It was a quite old tree and will yield some really spectacular lumber once we've carefully cut it to our particular boatbuilding needs on our own sawmill and patiently air dried it to the optimum moisture content for boatbuilding. 

We got the above logs for a very good price, and we pass those savings along to you. Consider that lumberyard Port Orford costs more than $6.00/bf (a 1" thick board 12" wide x 12" long) and you begin to appreciate how much a West Satsop CNC kit can save you. 

From local forests we regularly get Maple, Oak, Cherry, Red Cedar, Port Orford Cedar, Yellow Cedar, Spruce, Douglas Fir, Alder and Hemlock.